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Friday, December 2, 2011

Minima IV

This is a row of 4 newly coded, "Minima IV" AB boxes, for the "Internet Baseball Scorecard" project.

The new at-bat (AB) box is half the size - but has many hidden functions that provides more customization for the individual user. Each quadrant of the AB box still has text areas for recording scorekeeper notations - but instead of 5 rows, there are only three; and instead of room for 13 characters wide, there are now only 7. ( All text areas have hidden scroll bars which allow for any amount of text, but to keep the look of the card clean I suggest limiting yourself to the coded area indicated. )

To make up for the lost space each quadrant also has a hidden notepad - which you can open by clicking on the appropriate yellow box in each corner of each AB box. Again, each note pad has unlimited space - and you can open them up by dragging the arrow in the bottom right corner of the text area.

The colour notation 'Selection Menus' from last year's coding are still here, they still open by clicking on the appropriate 'base' icon. New in this coding: they close automatically after you click on the colour you want.


Minima IV Baseball Scorecard - one 4 inning row

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