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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Floating Diamond in a CSS table (80px cells)

I can make the grid go away with CSS very easily; but now I want a different grid.

Each diamond is nestled in a set of rows. Each Diamond is actually four separate cells in rows 2 and 3 of a 4 row table - each row of the table is 36 cells wide (4 cells per inning, times 9 innings). The second row of at-bat diamonds is a completely new table of 4 rows X 36 cells.

Adding innings to this - 'in game' - is beyond me. Also, how to add graph lines that separates each inning and each AB box. Is that even necessary?

Code for this is in a text box to the right --->

Next step: score a game with it. That should be Saturday, March 19th when Rogers' Radio broadcasts a Jays spring training game: NY Yankees vs. Toronto - 1:05PM EST on the FAN 590 (Toronto, Ontario), and the FAN 960 (Calgary, Alberta)

Floating Diamond CCS table coding (80px cells)

Floating Diamond in a CSS table - build a scorecard.html



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