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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Minima II at-bat box - v 2.06.01


One AB box - hidden scrollbars

(Updated 14August2012)

Finally a break through in creating some flexibility in the amount of text you can add in the AB boxes - towards a Notepad capability that is essential in baseball scorekeeping.

I finally found some 'real' coding that changes the look of scrollbars. I can't believe the number of pages on the web that purport to present coding for scrollbar style. CSS code like "scrollbar-width: 10px;" - which is not supported by any browsers and hasn't even been discussed at W3C, the global web standards body.

The solution I found doesn't actually change the style of the scroll tab - it just hides it. If you position your cursor over the South East, or first base quarter (bottom right) of the AB box below, and then scroll with your mouse (or click on the text and press the down arrow in the number keypad on the far right of your keyboard) the text there will scroll down and show all the text that is hidden below the border of the AB box.

The coding for these scrolling-text-areas-without-a-scroll-tab is accomplished by wrapping a 'div' window around another 'div' box that has a "overflow: scroll;" attribute on it. The top 'window' hides the scrollbars of the box behind. The rear box is coded 18 pixels wider than the box in front; you see the text in the rear box, though a 'keyhole' that is the narrower, front box.

Today [14Aug: updated coding rendered below] I perfected the technique for this application, and I am currently building the next incarnation of the Minima II series of scorecards.  The newest version will have scrolling on the 'x' axis as well as the 'y' axis (as in the example) so the user can do as they like. The new scorecard will be 25% smaller as well - making it not only easier create a concise record of a game, but easier to read as well.

Coding Source:
Stackflow Questions | "Wrap your scrollable div in another div with 'overflow: hidden;' that hides the scrollbar" | | via Stackflow contributor "pumbaa80" ( who points to


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