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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Version Two - Baseball Score Card with Project Scoresheet AB boxes

This scoring form is set up to allow scoring according to "Scoring a Baseball Game the Project Scoresheet way"
by David Cortesi.

Pitch Legend
  • X means the ball was hit into play.
  • C is a called strike.
  • S is a swinging strike.
  • F is any foul except a fouled bunt attempt.
  • B is taken as a ball.
  • N is a balk (“no pitch”)
  • L is foul bunt

The four boxes on the left of each at-bat (AB) box are for noting pitches thrown during an AB (see 'Recording Each Pitch' section) - they are 1 row, 4 characters wide. The long single box immediately to the right is for scoring the 'play' in that AB and also allows scoring the Project Scoresheet Way (see 'The Play-By-Play' section) - it has 5 rows, each 5 characters wide.

The code is available via Google Docs. Just copy and paste it into your blog and start scoring! :)

Away Team1

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